Interactive Retail Experiences

Adidas: Ozworld

Multi-store interactive experiences for the launch of the Adidas Ozworld shoe range.

Adidas: Predator Edge

Digital game creation and phygital experience for launch of new Adidas Predator Edge.

Louis Vuitton: Under The Sea

A mesmerizing kinetic installation installed in multiple Louis Vuitton stores across the world.

Adidas: Euro 2021

Immersive and interactive activations for Adidas Dubai Flagship store's Euro 2021 Launch Campaign.

Adidas: Level Kids

In-store interactive Adidas shoe customisation and real-time animation content for Level Kids.

Jimmy Choo: UAE Exclusive Launch

Interactive window display for Jimmy Choo.

Adidas: Mission ZX

Campaign branded zone and interactive games for adidas Mission ZX shoe launch, in Dubai mall Foot Locker.

KFC: Pay or Play

A web game designed to reward players with discounts upon achieving high scores. Pay or Play!

Adidas: Pulse Boost

Phygital interactive stepper game to promote Adidas Pulse Boost launch.

Immersive Tunnel

Lighting, audio, programming and technology integration for a Guerlain collaboration & immersive experience.

Bloomingdales: Christmas Window

Multi-sensory interactive experience for Bloomingdales retail window.

Dubai Spring Activation 2019:

Digital interactive product displays for Dubai Spring Activation campaign